NEWS 【2016-08-23】Meet Shunxing at INDOPLAS 2016
Energy-saving Clamping Machine with Servo Drive

Energy-saving Clamping Machine with Servo Drive

The advancement and advantages of equipment:

SHUNXING DIE SPOTTING MACHINE-- With the continued brilliant
Guide pillar structure with elastic template design makes the machine with good precision when die spotting
The four clamping cylinder produced the force for the mold, so the mold surface force with more evenly
Using MTS digital to control the dynamic template position, the position is more accurate
A full range of safe screen protection,with higher Security level
The original mold grinding technology, the mold temperature control device to simulate mold actual temperature under working
condition- the new patent
A new energy saving control system, action more sensitive response, with significantly energy-saving effect -- the new patent.



Note:Technical parameters can be changed without prior notice.


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