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Classic Gantry type Die Spotting Machine

Classic Gantry type Die Spotting Machine

The advancement and advantages of equipment:

The mechanical design uses world advanced three-dimensional graphicand finite element analysis to ensure the strength and high rigidity. The electric control uses advanced technology to design, with high precision controller, has the advantages of compact design, strong anti-interference ability, sensitive response, and easy to operate. The hydraulic control system uses optimized hydraulic circuit and famous brand hydraulic components, to extend the service life. The machine ensures the high precision of the manufacturing, reduces labor intensity during mold production, and greatly improves productivity.
● The rigidity of the machine is greatly improved, which solves the bar pre-tightening problem.
● Practical and reliable failure inspection, alarm, and low pressure mold protection function.
● The machine adopts computer control and large screen display.
● The machine equips a riser in the lower plate, to make the lower plate always work in a plane.
● It avoids complete surface contact between the plate, base, and middle plate, increases contact precision.
● The moving clamp plate adopts MTS digital readout inspection, the position is more accurate.



Note:Technical parameters can be changed without prior notice.


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